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Hello World

Hello World…I finally did it…I started my own accounting firm!!

Building an accounting firm from the ground up is HARD.  I am in a new city – with new friends, new church, new business community, and new social groups.

Marketing is a REAL process.  I am making personal and professional contacts and enjoying most of it.  I am excited to become a part of my new community!

We moved here to be close to our daughter and her family.  You can’t beat having grandkids nearby!  After-school play time, Saturday soccer games, and family-filled Sundays are things that make me smile 🙂

I am passionate about accounting and showing business owners how they can benefit from accurate and timely financial information – reaching goals by knowing their financial position and income at any time during the year.  I know it is hard (maybe impossible) to believe, but I enjoy recording accounting transactions and finding accounting solutions by integrating cloud-based apps with QuickBooks software.

Contact me to share your goals and see how working with me and using financial tools can = YOUR success!!