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Business Culture, Part III – INNOVATION

Jennifer Cobb CPA, PLLC For better or worse, change happens…

Jennifer Cobb CPA, PLLC Innovation must be embraced to stay relevant in the midst of rapid changes.  Determine to offer solutions using new and improved methods available in your business.  An adequate investment of time and money is required to meet the ever-changing demands of client/customer workflows and lifestyles.

A time investment includes meeting with clients/customers to learn what you are doing right and what services/products are not being currently provided.  Meet with and rely on company personnel who are closest to the front lines – those with established client/customer relationships and service/product development.  Make sure your staff is fully trained and confident in new processes/product marketing.

Be willing to make the monetary investment necessary to bring desired innovations to your marketplace.  Invest in staff and technology to make sure you are able to develop expertise at the next level.

In my firm, I am committed to innovation and exceeding expectations in:

QuickBooks® software – providing an accounting system that delivers accurate financial information and customized reporting
Cloud technology – providing real-time collaboration with clients and anytime/anywhere access to data
Remote client access – providing fast turnaround for client inquiries and decision making
Client relationships – providing accounting services as a valued team member on a long-term basis
This process is ongoing and will need to be a permanent focus of any business.