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Business Culture, Part II – EMPLOYEES

Jennifer Cobb CPA, PLLC -Remember the last time you visited a business where an employee seemed to have a poor attitude?  Or maybe they didn’t have the skills needed for the job?  How hard is it for you to give this establishment another chance?

Sometimes your employees are the first or only face of your business that customers will see.

Take time to find the right fit as to character/personality and then invest in training.  Inspire them to develop a skill set that exceeds expectations.  In addition to focusing on the “why” you started your business, make sure your employees feel that the success of your business is personal to them.

Satisfied employees are the strength of your business.  Salary only goes so far and someone will always be willing to pay them more.  Instead, create an environment of appreciation, relationship, and trust.  Create a team that feels like family…a place where everyone belongs.  Develop a “commitment” culture, where employees are career-long members of your team!