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Business Culture, Part I

Jennifer Cobb CPA, PLLC So much of what I have been reading lately relates to business “culture”.

Specifically, the culture in your business starts with the “why” you are in business and it is what fosters employee satisfaction, innovation, and ultimate success.  Some thought leaders even believe developing the culture should come before developing the best product!

Some of the thoughts seem to be common sense and I wonder why all businesses wouldn’t strive for this ideal.  Perhaps the “busy-ness” of business/life gets in the way and our focus on people falls by the wayside.

The “why” you are in business represents your core business philosophies.  These philosophies do not change, unlike goals which are achieved and new ones take their place.  Philosophies are THE overriding reasons for your business and they keep you going when times are tough.  (For me, it is being able to give my clients peace of mind by knowing their financial records are up to date and can be trusted to make decisions.  This is REAL, folks!)

Ok, enough for today…I will continue with employees, innovation and success in the coming weeks.

Make sure you are developing your business culture…And never forget “WHY” you started YOUR BUSINESS!